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Portrait Session 2008-05-01

Another Chinese Cari Forum’s portrait session yesterday, at Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur. This time is the biggest session ever held, with 41 people in total participated in the session. Whole session taken with Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 HSM OS lens on Canon EOS 350D.


Jia Ying

More photos

Dong Tai Du photography session

I am glad that invited by Ah Tat to join the Dong Tai Du photography session last Sunday, I have a great chance to snap with SengKit, Ricky and Sui Gor. There were around 30 musicians took part in the session, to demonstrate the action and spirit of Dong Tai Du (动态度). Each of them were requested to jump or do some tricky actions to be captured at a compound of a flat. SengKit and Ricky were the main photographers, while I responsible in recording the whole process, together with Sui Gor. The photos taken will be stitched up and form a panorama photo. Then we moved to Sungai Wang plan to have a street pogo and distribute the gig flyers, but due to lack of crowd at that time, we decided to postpone the second plan to another evening.

Thanks everyone who worked hard to make this session a success and a fun one. 😀

Dong Tai Du

More photos coming soon Photos ready!

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Congrates, Stella and Wilson

Rachel and I were invited by Stella and Wilson as their wedding photographers, at Wilson’s hometown, which is Malacca. Last weekend, after casting our votes in General Election, we drove down to Malacca, and FM988 was the source we received the General Election results.

Wilson has reserved 1 room for us at Malacca, staying in King Apartment with Stella’s family. Stella’s family members are warm and kind, we had a great time there. The next day, Sunday, was the wedding day for the couple. We woke up early in the morning the shot for the wedding ceremony, as well as the wedding dinner at the night.

That was a very precious experience for Rachel and I, thanks Stella and Wilson given us a good chance to experience a wonderful wedding, and meeting wonderful people especially their friendly family members. 😀

Stella and Wilson’s wedding

My photo is being used

2 days ago Rachel and I went to Seri Petaling to have our dinner. In the middle of the dinner, someone came to sell “The Rocket” newsletter from DAP. So i bought 1 of them. Then I realized the cover of the newspaper has a photo that looks very familiar to me.


The photo looks alike with a photo that taken by me during BERSIH gathering last year, for 4 young ladies took part in the gathering. “This is my photo! :D” so excited, I shouted to Rachel, then Rachel said, “are you sure? There were many people taken photos of these ladies”.

So when we back to home, I’ve checked my gallery, then I confirmed, it’s mine:
BERSIH girls

Feel amazing that my photo is being used as cover at DAP newsletter. 😀

Thaipusam 2008

I went to Batu Caves to took photos for Thaipusam yesterday with Rachel. This was my first time attend this event, also the first time snapped with Rachel. Thanks to Hindraf, KL and Putrajaya were announced public holiday, so we had the chance to join this event.

We reach there at around 6:00am. Without tripod, we were not able to took good photos at that moment. So we spent our time wander around and had our not-so-tasty breakfast at there. After we completed our breakfast it’s already 7:00am. The sky is getting bright so we started to take more photos. Rachel took photos with her Canon EOS 400D with Sigma 18-200mm HCM OS lens, while I was using my Canon EOS 350D equipped by Canon EF50mm F1.8 lens.

It was an amazing experience for us, especially for an event that we didn’t familiar with. There were many groups of devotees from different temples, carrying the kavadis or burdens, or all kinds of piercings on body joint the pilgrimage.
With some kind of supernatural force, they could bear the pain and climb up to the cave the situated above 272 steps of stair.
Back piercing on Thaipusam

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