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Paintball 4

Yes, after 3 weeks of playing paintball, I back to Mudtrekker again for paintball. This time i went with my company colleagues. Thanks to Albert for organizing this event, well done πŸ˜‰
Group photo

There were only 11 of us, so it was quite tiring for us to running the whole field. However we still had fun with the games. As usual I got head shot too, and one of them mark my forehead with bruise because the pallet was exploded at the edge of my face mask. Additional, I also got 2 bruises at my left arm, 1 at my left hand ring finger, 1 at my right chest and 1 at my right leg.

The whole event was quite similar with my previous paintball trips, but this time we witnessed the use of smoke grenade in the game by another group. I not sure how useful was the grenade but when our turn to use the field, we need to wait for the smoke gone before continue our next games πŸ˜€
Fire in the hole!

After the games we went to Kepong town’s main road η‚Ίι£Ÿθ‘—to have our lunch before we calling it an ‘event’.

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Paintball 3

On the weekend of last 2 weeks, I went to paintball again, with Rachel and her classmates and colleagues. This time we also went to Mudtrekker.

This was the first time I got shot on my body so many times other than my head. There were 4-5 bruises on my hand, chest and tight, but not as serious as our friend Kenny Fong πŸ˜›
Kenny Fong

It was fun but short one because we were only have 16 people, and keep on continue playing until exhausted.
Jason and Rachel

Paintball 2!!

After 3 months, Rachel’s colleagues organized another paintball session, and this time we have more people than last time, it was 41 people this time! Once again we went to Mudtrekker at Kuang.

Rachel and I waited our friend’s colleagues, Kenny Fong and his gang, together with Rachel’s colleague at Pandan Indah before heading to Kuang. When we reach there, most of the group already there, we filled up the registration form and grabbed the accessories then attend the briefing about paintball.

First game was jungle battle. However most of the group don’t really like it as it was slippery due to heavy rain the day before, and lot’s of mosquito in it. I was eliminated when my fingers got shot.

Second game was urban map, we need to grab opponent’s flag to win the game. I was knocked out with head shot. When I was walking out from the field, a panic rookie painted my mask with another head shot =_=

Third game also urban map, this time, I tried not to be Rambo as previous 2 games. I ran to opponent’s base via left wing while enemies were concentrating at right wing, I managed to grab their flag but at i got another head shot at my right side while i raising the flag. So I won the game by becoming a died hero.
An honour head shot

We continued to play few more games, including attack and defense, and all time favorite “Zombie”. Zombie is the scenario that all players won’t die even got shot, the only way to be eliminated is got a head shot, this scenario mostly played at end of the day, shoot as much as we can, to clear up all the bullets we’ve bought. So since the chance of dead is greatly decreased, I was running slow, however, I got my head shot of the day, which i got it before i firing a single shot =_=

Since I was eliminated early, I requested to be a war-field photographer to snap some photos in battle field.
In the battlefield

Finally we came to end of the paintball session at around 2pm. As usual we have a group photo session, then headed to KFC Jalan Kepong have our late lunch.
Group photo

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Paint ball!

Today I’ve followed Rachel’s colleagues to play paint ball, the game that I wanted to play around 3 years ago but have not enough people to form the trip. Today we have 16 people including staffs of Macrolynx and their friends (or special friends) for this trip.

Rachel and I woke up early for 9am game, started the trip, lost in journey few times, and finally managed to find the place, but we were told that the game was suppose to start at 11am. So with this free time, we had chance to wander around this little town called Kuang (轰埠), a town we never ever thought in our lifetime that have chance to step our feet in there. This is an interesting small town which has a KTM station in the town.
Kuang town
After having our breakfast, we’ve spent around 20 minutes to finished wandering every corner in Kuang town, and went back to Mudtrekker to watch the 9am game played by others.

Around 11am, all others were arrived, we were briefed for the rules, and the way to handle our markers (aka guns). Soon after briefing, we were divided into 2 teams, to play at urban map, where we need to capture opponent’s flag to win the game. Rachel has broke her Moschino specs that she has worn for around 6 years in the game, and I was always being shot in to head. We also played jungle maps, where it’s more close to real war.
Jungle Briefing

There are regular players there, which are expert and experience. They join us for jungle game. For sure, they have won over us easily with their solid experience and better strategy (and better armed).
The professionals

After more than 2 hours of excited and sweats, the games were over. As usual, we took photos before leaving.
Macrolynx Dato' Lokman

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