Urban Scapes 2008

Went to KLue Urban Scapes 2008 yesterday. The event was held at KLPAC, quite a nice place with beautiful scenes. I was quite tired because need to walk and stand for 6 hours as they have quite a number of stages, flea market and galleries. Watched my favourite bands like The Otherside Orchestra (with my favourite song ‘Eksperimentasi Electro Cinta’), Ika… However missed out some other favourite bands like OAG (They seems absent from the event), Love Me Butch and Bittersweet because I need to continue my night together with my ex-colleagues for gathering… XD

Overall it’s a happening event, I’ve enjoyed it, just the food and drinks were quite expensive (especially for people who has not much money left during end of the month ~_~ )

Here is my favourite photo of the event (Ika):

More photos

Street Roar 2006

Went to Street Roar 2006 last Saturday, one of the biggest Chinese Indie music gigs in Malaysia. Cool musicians from Asia, nice stuffs in flea market, Woodstock-like field with mud, happending crowds too. Went with my gang, and of coz my dear Rachel too. Something stupid happened… I’ve left my car key in my car that was locked, had to ask Ten drove me back to Seri Petaling to take my backup keys, thanks Ten, and sorry to Rachel and Marcus for the missing parts, and sorry to Kit, Fai and Hou coz caused them missed their dinner >_< (I promised i will not careless again~)

Tired day after snaping photos, pogo and moshing…

Here are some photos…

Img_3112Img_3125Img_3116 Img_3170 Img_3181 Img_3183 Img_3207 Img_3217Img_3354 Img_3372Img_3324 Img_3421