Happy birthday Ler Ler

One year ago, Rachel has gave birth to a cute little naughty boy, we named him Han Ler. Today, Han Ler is already 1 year old. In past 365 days, Han Ler has grown up healthy and naughty.
Ler Ler first month

Han Ler getting more cute and active, until hyperactive, sleeps less and doesn’t like drink water. Due to his hyperactiveness, he did give us a lot of headache, but also gave us a lot of fun and inspiritions. We learn a lot during his growth.
Ler Ler 3rd month

Now Han Ler has several of tooth, knows how to clap, shows where is his stomach is, say ‘mum mum’ when wanna eat, and recently learnt how to wave hand to express ‘bye bye’ (although sometimes he forgets how). In another hand, he likes to be hug and carried instead of learn how to walk. He is very cool and seldom smile.
Ler Ler 10th month, at Genting

Last Sunday we just had a little party for him at my auntie Sally house, invited some relatives and closed friends. Due to lack of sleep, his mood wasn’t good at that night, after cutting the cake, he went to sleep while we slowly clearing up the stuffs.
Ler Ler’s birthday

That’s the story of Han Ler past 1 year, I believe more and more interesting stories are coming as he grow, stay tune 😉

Han Ler’s first lunar calendar birthday

24th August 2007 was 12th of seventh month in Chinese lunar calendar, as well as my son Han Ler’s lunar calendar’s birthday. We had a little dinner together to celebrate with him at Pizza Hut behind of Ampang Point.

Han Ler was naughty and hyper active as usual, couldn’t sit quietly… So made us very hard to celebrate with him, very hard for me to snap him too… -_-” He likes to look around and grab everything that he could reach, but at the same time was crying for sleep.

Han Ler’s first cake

Hope this little boy will keep his curiousity but with better patient as he grows.

Happy birthday 😉

Han Ler’s 6th month old story

Han Ler’s 6th month

Due to Rachel’s tight schedule and CCIP training, Han Ler’s 6th month image is produced late. Rachel already requested me to continue creating the image by myself. So folks, ready for my ugly design skill start from next month. 😛

Han Ler now is getting more hyperactive, his sleeping duration is reduced. He always wants to be hugged or played with. At night time, is his time to learn turn over.

Start from next month, he should be able to sit by himself. Let’s see 😉

Han Ler is 5 months old (and 10 days)

Han Ler’s 5th month

Due to Rachel’s tight schedule and CCNA exam, the 5th month celebration image of Han Ler is posted late. Why don’t I create it? Haha, i am having programmer’s mind which is lack of creativity and art sense, so better don’t show my ugly design skill 😛

Han Ler is now 4 months old

Han Ler's is now 4 month old

Han Ler is now 4 months old… Hehe… He’s now able to make more weird noise, able to look objects more than 5 meters, and laugh more while sometime making funny faces.

He was little flu in mid of December, but luckly he has recovered, hope he will grow up healthy and happily 😀

Thanks to my dear Rachel for creating cute Han Ler’s images for previous four months. 😀