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Visit to SPCA

This is a repost entry, don’t know what happened this post was gone. May be had problem in the database and the web hosting company restored old version of data. So here I post again. 

Today (6th Sept) after lunch we went to SPCA Selangor which is near with our house. We went to dog section to visit the dogs in there. Han Ler was excited with the visit. I am not sure is it because Han Ler bornt at dog’s year, he likes dogs very much. We have visited the dogs area, there were a lot of dogs wandering in that little area, and also many other dogs and puppies in the cage.

We didn’t adopt any dogs, because working hour of Rachel and I are too long and we worry don’t have enough time to take this responsibility. Perhaps will consider to adopt one when Han Ler is big enough to take care a dog.

Han Ler and Rachel in SPCA Selangor

Dogs in SPCA Selangor

Happy birthday, naughty boy

Happy birthday Han Ler

Time flies, now you are 3 years old. I don’t mind you are naughty, as long as you are healthy and happy, as how we named you.

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Han Ler

Happy birthday,
Han Ler, my son,
wish you have a wonderful day,
with your new pair of Converse,
bought by mummy.

I am sorry,
Han Ler, my son,
I am far far away from you,
with the important mission,
for better future.

I feel happy that,
you have grown,
healthy and happy,
I thank God for that,
although I don’t have a religion.

I feel unhappy that,
I couldn’t be with you,
in this important day,
after all,
everyone has 2-year-old birthday only for once.

Happy birthday,
Han Ler, my son,
wish you have a great year ahead,
a healthy one, a happy one.

Han Ler (at right) with his cousins during his birthday celebration last weekend. Thanks Rachel for sending me this precious photo.

Han Ler’s Vocabulary

These are the some special words that we used to communicate with Han Ler. Most of them are quite similar with other Chinese families, however there are some were invented by us.

Mum mum eat
Oi oi G/Gao gao G sleep
Chong bak bak take bath
Boom boom fall down
Ching ching pay respect to God or Ancestors
Ng ng to defecate
Bao bao hug
Yi zhang stand up
Yiet yiet dirty
Hang hang walk for yourself
Pian pian diaper

Thai Han Ler

I believe as time goes, more special words would appear in our conversations that you might not think of ;).

Han Ler’s potrait session

Last Saturday while Rachel was troubleshooting her company’s network, as usual Han Ler wanted Rachel to hug, so I’ve brought Han Ler into the room to have potrait session for him with my EF 50mm F1.8 II lens.

Han Ler (1/80 sec F2.8)

Here’s the gallery, enjoy.