Dong Tai Du photography session

I am glad that invited by Ah Tat to join the Dong Tai Du photography session last Sunday, I have a great chance to snap with SengKit, Ricky and Sui Gor. There were around 30 musicians took part in the session, to demonstrate the action and spirit of Dong Tai Du (动态度). Each of them were requested to jump or do some tricky actions to be captured at a compound of a flat. SengKit and Ricky were the main photographers, while I responsible in recording the whole process, together with Sui Gor. The photos taken will be stitched up and form a panorama photo. Then we moved to Sungai Wang plan to have a street pogo and distribute the gig flyers, but due to lack of crowd at that time, we decided to postpone the second plan to another evening.

Thanks everyone who worked hard to make this session a success and a fun one. 😀

Dong Tai Du

More photos coming soon Photos ready!

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SengKit – 動也要有態度﹗
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Sui Gor – 动!可是起不来 …
Snow X White 1 – 动态度拍摄场所–龙甘威的六楼后座
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DTD Fest

DTD (DongTaiDu 动态度) Fest is a musical festival that featuring rock music, electronical, and a creative market, organized by Nao’s leader Ah Tatt. Come join the one of the interesting indie musical festivals in Malaysia.
DongTaiDu Fest

Date: May 3 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 1pm – 7pm
Venue: Central Market, The Annexe (KL)
Entrance fees: RM25 (pre sale)/RM30 (door sale)
Contact: Ah Tatt (017 633 9660)

Bands line up:

Electronical performers line up:

The creative market booths:

  • Tee
  • Toy
  • Art
  • Design
  • Exhibition
  • and more…

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Music Reunion Gig 5

New year count down, seems like an activity for youngsters and not for an uncle like me, that fed up with traffic jams and over crowded. However, I’ve attended a count down party yesterday, Music Reunion Gig 5. It was held at Cheras Kaki Corner which I thought I could avoid from traffic jam and crowded people. However I was wrong, because coincidently, the church nearby having count down party, too. Summing up the Church visitors with other diners at that famous western food street, the traffic there was exploding, I was only able to park my car at a hill quite far away.

However I still managed to make it before Silent Prayer performing. Silent Prayer, once a nu metal band is now left 2 core members Ah Hou and Silent Keat, presenting ther new Hip Hop songs to us. As usual, Ah Hou as vocal but Silent Keat is now a PC DJ. Silent Keat also the DJ playing music during the bands exchanging the stage.
Silent Keat

Next was the local Chinese politic band Nao. They have brought us new songs, including a song dedicated to the blood sucker Minister Mr. Samy Vellu. Ah Tat was wearing yellow BERSIH helmet, gave speeches regarding his (or our) disappointments to the current government while expressing his thoughts via their songs.
Ah Tat with his BERSIH helmet

After that was the Penang metal band Oracle. They came all the way to KL with their die hard metal supporters. They also brought the only moshing and head banging at the night and pushed the temperature of Kaki Corner to new level, even Mark played body surfing.
The power of Metal, by Oracle

If Oracle brought up the head banging session, then The Other Side Orchestra managed to brought up the dancing session with their rich music generated by 6 pieces of instruments including keyboard and synthesizer. The audience danced together with the music and the lighting effect special customized by The Other Side Orchestra.
The Other Side Orchestra

The last band performed was 3 piece band Dian Bang. Playing with 2 notebooks and simple music instruments, they brought up their bedroom-made music. At this time, the battery power of my speedlite was exhausted. So I have replace the Sigma 18-200mm HSM OS to Canon 50mm f1.8II to continue capture the event. Even though without speedlite, the big aperture of the lens enabling me to capture the event with another fresh feel that I never tried.
Vanes of Dian Bang

After all bands performing, it’s DJs’ turn. DJ Rainf of Dropout continue the event with his down-tempo+dark-side drum and bass.
DJ Rainf

In last few minutes of 2007, the female DJ, DJ Chelsea take over the console from DJ Rainf. Her Techno-house music was played across the year, giving a complete ending of this event.
DJ Chelsea

More photos

More photos also available at PhotoPintu, the official photograph forum.

Music Reunion gig 5 – 2008 New Year countdown party

Music Reunion Gig is back, for the fifth time. This time the gig is a little bit different with previous gigs, this time the main music theme is not only rock music, but also electronica too.
Music Reunion Gig 5

As usual, this gig is organized by NAO, supported by Soundscape Records. Here are little information for the gig:
Date: 31st December 2007 (Monday)
Time: 9:00pm
Venue: Cheras Kaki Corner
Entrance: RM20.00
Pre sale goodie: pre sale tickets come with Music Reunion Gig 4 VCD

The Other Side Orchestra (KL electronica rock)
Oracle (Penang metal core)
沉默的祷告者 Silent Prayer (in Hip Hop)
孬 NAO (organizer, punk rock)

Rainf (DJ of Dropout, drum and bass)
DJ Chelsea (the lady DJ, hard trance)
电棒 Dian Bang (bedroom laptop electronica)

More info please contact Ah Tatt, with the mobile phone in the poster, or naoband at gmail dot com. 

Let’s go to have fun!

Street Roar 2006

Went to Street Roar 2006 last Saturday, one of the biggest Chinese Indie music gigs in Malaysia. Cool musicians from Asia, nice stuffs in flea market, Woodstock-like field with mud, happending crowds too. Went with my gang, and of coz my dear Rachel too. Something stupid happened… I’ve left my car key in my car that was locked, had to ask Ten drove me back to Seri Petaling to take my backup keys, thanks Ten, and sorry to Rachel and Marcus for the missing parts, and sorry to Kit, Fai and Hou coz caused them missed their dinner >_< (I promised i will not careless again~)

Tired day after snaping photos, pogo and moshing…

Here are some photos…

Img_3112Img_3125Img_3116 Img_3170 Img_3181 Img_3183 Img_3207 Img_3217Img_3354 Img_3372Img_3324 Img_3421