*Update Mar 4 2008*
See what Abdullah Badawi talked about his 2004 promises at The Star.

Every General Election, every party spends a lot of money on advertisements, posters, billboards… especially Barisan Nasional, with their sweet propagation and promises.

Now, before 12th Malaysian General Election, I would like to highlight the propagation and promises advertised at newspaper at 2004 General Election. In 2004, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi was a new Prime Minister, his appearance has given new hopes to Malaysians, with his promises like fighting corruptions, reform the government to be more efficient and more transparent, reduce criminal cases, decrease the racial gap and live up harmony society, “I want to listen to truth”, “Not work for me, but work with me”, so on and so forth. MCA even described Abdullah Badawi as Bao Gong, a Chinese judge in Dynasty Song that famous with his high integrity and fairness.

Let’s have a look back these advertisements and his promises (in Chinese):
Bao Gong…?


4 years passed, how many promises that he had achieved?

  • Zakaria Mat Deros… He able to build a house that can be called palace, no one is checking him.
  • Someone who taking bribe still a minister but someone who reporting a bribe is being accused.
  • Khairy, his son-in-law, from time to time flaming up the issues between races, then he could have demonstration against Condoleezza Rice, and police automatically issue the gathering permit to him, but all demonstrations called up by non-government bodies were either banned, brutally dismissed or blamed with untrue facts, even at International Human Rights Day, demonstrators were charged in court because of organizing peaceful gathering, which is granted legally under constitution.
  • Hishammuddin, giving speech with his unfriendly gestures to non-Bumi races, but didn’t get any ISA actions, while people fight for their rights were detained under ISA.
  • MCA and MIC, can’t fight for the rights for their own people, while acting as slaves of UMNO, not dare to voice up any unjustified decisions and unproper statements made by UMNO.
  • I laughed out loud when the Zainuddin being interviewed by Al-Jazeera, his English make Malaysian ashame. I also very frustrated with his Information Ministry where controls the media and threaten them to cover Barisan Nasional’s bad stories with their annually renewed media permits.
  • More and more toll gates were built, why we still need to pay road tax?
  • The astronaut project, spent billions of ringgit that paid by us, what do we benefit from it?
  • Could you walk in midnight alone without fear of getting robbed or raped?
  • Could you leave your mobile phone or laptop in the car and go shopping without worry?
  • If you are from sin city Johor Baru, did you get snatched or robbed before?
  • During 2006 Johor flood, Abdullah Badawi didn’t stay in Malaysia stand by for the Rakyat, but went to Australia to launch a Nasi Kandar restaurant for his relatives.
  • And now they are spending our hard earn money to advertise them again, with senseless advertisements.

The Malaysian constitutions are getting challenged even worse after Abdullah Badawi took over, Lingam case, alteration of the constitution just to allow Abdul Rashid retire 1 year later. Abdul Rashid promised his SPR will run a fair and clean Election, but more and more phantom voters are discovered in passed few weeks, but no action was taken, another big liar.

This boy from Penang was passed away last year August. His family checked their own election detail, and they checked together for this boy:

with shocked, his family discovered that his IC has been assigned to a girl, from Puchong, named V.Nalynna Anak Perempuan Visvanathan. News from
Phantom voter

Those are just a little portion of problems that appear under the administration of current government, google yourself for more, or visit here.

Barisan Nasional, is a government full with liars, corrupters, racists, chauvinist pigs, cowards, idiots… Do you still want them to be your government? It’s time to change.

Why I joint the BERSIH rally?

Yesterday when I published my post regarding November 10th BERSIH rally, here are the responses I’ve received:

  • “These people have nothing better to do?”
  • “Wah you were there?”
  • “What happened?”
  • “No wonder traffic so jam…”
  • “Did you hurt?”
  • “You’re brave, brother”
  • “Did you bring your son there?”

Seems like many people don’t know what are the purposes of this rally, and there are a lot of misunderstanding about this rally (One of the responses thinks this is a ‘memberontak’), it’s better for me to do some clarifications.

The purpose

This rally is organized by BERSIH, to demand for clean and fair general election. It was planned as a peace gathering then walk from Dataran Merdeka until National Palace to submit the memo to the King, demanding:

  1. The use of indelible ink
  2. A cleanup of the electoral roll
  3. The abolition of domestic postal voting
  4. Fair access to the media

The gathering

Just like what I’ve said above, this was planned as a peace gathering, there are even volunteers from PAS (Unit Amal Malaysia) to control the whole rally to make sure the gathering and the walk running smooth without any trouble. However the gathering was interfered by Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) by spraying water cannon and tear gas to the people (which consist of children and senior citizens), even before the gathering started. The police force that taking salary from us, the tax payers, are helping the Government to bully the people which has no weapon (Where are they when criminal cases happen?). However the rally still continues without gathered at Dataran Merdeka. After the memo was submitted, the people were dismissed peacefully. (More)

My thoughts

This was my second demonstration, first time was at Petronas Twin Tower for petrol price hike, and it was indeed a peace demonstration where nobody got hurt and ended perfectly. But this time was different, for the first time I suffered from the chemical reaction of the chemical-laced water shot by FRU’s water cannon. Also this time I spent longer time, the people joint also much more than last time. Majority of the demonstrators are Malay, at first I also worried I would be bullied by them (urgh, too much negative impressions from UMNO assemblies, thanks to Barisan National). Surprising they are friendly, helpful, and also high discipline. Next time if you heard Chinese complain about Government always taking care of Malay, tell them in demonstrations not more than 5% Chinese are in the rally to demand their rights while over 90% of Malay in the rally are doing it for all of us. One more thing that makes me really disappointed is the reports of newspapers. None of them give accurate news as newspaper from other countries. Most of them only put the attention of the massive traffic jam, or taking words from the ministers blindly without explaining what is happening and why this is happening. But I know this is not their fault, who wanna risk their publication licenses which controlled by the Government? (“I want to listen the truth”… sounds familiar?)

For those who were there, thanks for coming to show your support and concern to this country. For those who couldn’t make it, but supporting us, thanks for your supports, hope this rally does bring some meanings and inspirations to you. For those who think this is wasting time, I would like to share this photo with you:
Picture courtesy Haris Ibrahim. Amri from Shah Alam, walked thru the rally with his only leg.

Chinese are generally Kia Si (scared of death), but if you don’t voice out, then surely will SI (die).

BERSIH Gathering 10th Nov

At 12pm, i went to Great Eastern Mall for lunch with my wife. From Ampang until Great Eastern Mall such a short distance along Jalan Ampang , there were already 2 police road blocks ready to stop people to go for the gathering.

After having lunch, my wife sent me to Jelatak LRT station so I can reach Dataran Merdeka with LRT. When I was out from LRT station at Masjid Jamek, the road was already blocked by Federal Reserved Unit (FRU). After meeting up Luke, I started to take photos.
Road block

FRU trucks were driving towards Dataran Merdeka. The people were cooperative enough to let the trucks passed by.

However, the trucks were turned back and then the water canon truck started to shoot the chemical-laced water to the crowd. It was 2:15pm, 45 minutes from the original stated gathering time.

Then the FRU started to clearing up the crowds

We ran across the street to OCBC building, initially I was thought that the water shot from the water canon just plain water, but when I crossed the street i felt my eyes were pain and tear started to come out, then only I realized the water was not just plain water. Luckly there was 1 pakcik kind enough for giving us salt to make us feel better.
Then it started to rain, there were still a lot of people standing in the rain waiting for instructions.

After a while the FRU started to shoot tear gas to us!

After the gas was gone, we walk towards to the FRU via LRT station, the station was closed down. Since we couldn’t get near Dataran Merdeka, we started to walk to the Palace

Then we reach the Jalan Istana

At that time, the memo was passed into Palace, the volunteers of Unit Amal PAS started to direct us away from Palace

The BERSIH girls

The police’s helicopters still watching us

Approaching Dataran Merdeka

Take photos with FRU

You can’t see this everyday!


This was the end of the gathering.
Thanks Luke accompany me for whole rally.

And thanks to Rachel for supporting me, and borrowing me her Sigma 18-200mm OS lens 😀


More photos

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Are you an elector?

Elector registration poster

Are you an elector yet? Register now and exercise your right to vote in coming General Election. If you are working in KLCC area, or going to shopping for Chinese New Year stuffs in Suria KLCC, stop by in front of KFC at concourse area in Suria KLCC, spend 10 minutes to register as elector. The counter remains there until Chinese New Year eve.

Don’t blame the Government for their insufficiency if you are not a registered elector.

Guide of registration at