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Do you still remember?

2008-03-08, we have created history of Malaysia, and kicked UMNO’s ass.

Makkal Sakti!

Makkal Sakti probably is one of the famous phrases for this 12th General Election besides ‘time to change’, ‘korek korek korek’, ‘再转变’, ‘enough is enough’, ‘BN = Barang Naik’ and etc. This phrase is used by HINDRAF with the meaning of ‘people power‘. This is so true especially Malaysians have denied Barisan Nasional’s 2/3 majority with their votes, which I never thought would happen before.

Congratulations, Malaysians, and thanks for those who dare to make change, and gave a chance to Barisan Rakyat. Remember in democratic country, WE ARE THE BOSS!

Barisan Nasional – You guys better manage Malaysia well, if Malaysia still runs in bad condition, people will pull you down entirely in coming General Elections.

Barisan Rakyat – Congrates! The people has given you guys a chance, take this opportunity to learn how to run your governments and do what you have promised before. But remember, we can vote you in, we can vote you out too!

V for Vendetta

I’ve exercised my right

I’ve exercised my right as a Malaysian this morning 😀

Early in the morning, aroun 7am, I woke up and took LRT to Kelana Jaya picked up my mum, using my aunt’s car. Then drove to Seri Petaling, to cast our votes. Mum had her leg operation last year so her leg is weak, need to sit on the wheel chair. So I pushed her into polling station, which is SK Seri Petaling.

However, our polling rooms were located at second floor, how could she climb up to second floor while she is having problem of walking? Luckly there were 2 SPR staffs helped me to carry my mum up to the second floor to cast her vote, then carried my mum down to ground floor again. SPR should consider about handicap people and open up a special polling streams for those handicap peoples in next General Elections.

After I cast my vote, I sent my mum home and then take LRT back home. So let’s see how’s things turn out tonight. 🙂

This is the time…

Waited for few years, now this is the time to change! Mar 8 2008, the 12th Malaysian General Election!


Change, doesn’t mean make Barisan Rakyat as government, because there are still a lot of votes will go to Barisan Nasional (you know where are the votes from), new government will be led by Barisan Nasional as usual. But, I believe that the seats will not as many as 2004 General Election. This is a long revolution to build a real democratic country, and 2008 General Election is the starting point of this revolution. In a real democratic country, strong opposition parties can monitor the ruling parties effectively to ensure benefits of the people, or even take over the government if the rulling parties are not good enough, just like US, UK and Australia.

My district is Seputeh parliamentary seat (no state assemblies), so DAP is my only choice. You have my vote, Teresa 🙂

Lest we forget

Don’t know who to vote? Perhaps these photos would help you.

Toll price hike
Anti toll
Photo above from LensaMalaysia
Anti toll

Police Brutality – KLCC 060528
KLCC price hike protest
KLCC price hike protest
KLCC price hike protest
KLCC price hike protest
KLCC price hike protest
KLCC price hike protest
KLCC price hike protest
KLCC price hike protest
Photos from MalaysiaKini
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