New Office, New Environment, New Vision

P7040002 Finally started working in new office, Exact ADC, at KLCC. Feel fresh, nervours, haha…

First 3 months are probation period, at the same time is training period as well. In this training period, we are studying company system, database (SQL), VB programming (COM, ActiveX)… bla bla bla… Just like back to college time because most of the new colleagues are almost same age or younger. So these days are busy with learning, studying, preparing for exams (fail the exam means fail the probation :p)…

P7040008 This is my new PC. Look slim but powerful. Hope it will accompany me pass the exams… =_=


Finally, I’ve handed up my resignation letter to the company that I’ve served for more than 2 years, and went to my future company and signed the offer letter. So from July I’m going start working at KLCC, in a multinational company based at Holland:

It’s an achievement in my career and a milestone in my life too. Hope this new job will bring in more new experiences to both my live and my career. 🙂