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Han Ler’s potrait session

Last Saturday while Rachel was troubleshooting her company’s network, as usual Han Ler wanted Rachel to hug, so I’ve brought Han Ler into the room to have potrait session for him with my EF 50mm F1.8 II lens.

Han Ler (1/80 sec F2.8)

Here’s the gallery, enjoy.

Canon EF 50mm F1.8 II

After months of hardwork, finally I have extra money to buy a real potrait lens – Canon EF 50mm F1.8 II, the cheap but fantastic Canon lens.

The lens:
Canon EF 50mm F1.8 II

Sample photos:
Me... I like raw salmon

Nice bokeh, huh? 😛
More testing photos

The next day, I used it for potrait session at Titiwangsa (organized by Chinese Cari forum), here’s the result:
Angel, the model

Album for potrait session