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Dong Tai Du 2 Promo Video

One year after Dong Tai Du music fest (动态度音乐节), now comes the BIGGER 2nd Dong Tai Du music fest, with more bands, more creative stalls, more stages and more creative promo video (for first Dong Tai Du promo video, click here)!

Here is the promo video for the 2nd Dong Tai Du music fest. The Dong Tai Du committee has done a good job on the planning, promotion, preparation and production. This is the main attitude of the Dong Tai Du – independant and self initiation.

Let’s enjoy the promo video, and also enjoy the show (I believe it will be a good one!)

Following is the details about the gig:
Date: 17th May 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 12pm – 8pm
Venue: The KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall 雪兰莪中华大会堂 (location map at below)
Ticket price: RM30 (pre sale), RM45 (on door), RM25 (student)
Tickets booking: dtd.ticketing@gmail.com
Tickets also available at Rock Corner (Mid Valley & The Curve), Findars in Central market The Annexe, and 1st floor of The KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall

Location map:

Check out their official website (in Chinese): http://dongtaidu.blogspot.com/

Don Tai Du Music fest

After prepared for few months, Dong Tai Du music fest finally rock the world successfully last weekend. First of all I would like to thank Ah Tat for giving me a great opportunity to join the event as photographer, it’s a great honor and pleasure. Then thanks to Rachel bringing Ler Ler to the gig. Ler Ler was not in the mood when he just arrived, however after some time he able to join in, good start for him, I suppose, hahaha.

I reached there around 12pm, started to snap around, until end of Trendkill’s performance, because I joined into the mosh-pit and head banging when Oracle performing, haha, so long never head banging, now my neck still in pain after 2 days.

Onnz of Dropout performing

I would like to say “BRAVO!!” for those who worked hard to make this event a successful one, we shall wait for another bigger and better Dong Tai Du music fest! 😉

More photos coming soon.
Photos (part 1)
Photos (part 2)
Photos (part 3) Finally finished!!

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DTD Music Fest Promo Clip

DTD Music Fest is going to blast next weekend. This is a big music & art event for local indie music and art scene. From rock bands to electronical groups, from illustrators to photographers, from T-shirt artists to comic artists… All of them will gather at Central Market, The Annexe, next Saturday from noon till night, to share their innovative ideas with you.

Before the event, let’s take a look on the event’s promotion clip, created by Phang of Citizen of Icecream:

More info: Dong Tai Du blog

DTD Music fest Tickets

I am helping Dong Tai Du to sell their music festival tickets. Tickets selling at RM25 (pre sale price). RM25 is not only for entrance fee, it also comes with LoFry magazine issue #2, included a CD and sticker. I am based on Ampang at night and weekend, while KLCC area at weekday day time. Please do contact me if you are interested, thanks.

You could contact me via Live Messenger (aka MSN): jasaon at hot mail dot com

Dong Tai Du photography session

I am glad that invited by Ah Tat to join the Dong Tai Du photography session last Sunday, I have a great chance to snap with SengKit, Ricky and Sui Gor. There were around 30 musicians took part in the session, to demonstrate the action and spirit of Dong Tai Du (动态度). Each of them were requested to jump or do some tricky actions to be captured at a compound of a flat. SengKit and Ricky were the main photographers, while I responsible in recording the whole process, together with Sui Gor. The photos taken will be stitched up and form a panorama photo. Then we moved to Sungai Wang plan to have a street pogo and distribute the gig flyers, but due to lack of crowd at that time, we decided to postpone the second plan to another evening.

Thanks everyone who worked hard to make this session a success and a fun one. 😀

Dong Tai Du

More photos coming soon Photos ready!

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