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Happy belated birthday, Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

Happy belated birthday, Nelson Mandela, thanks for your efforts to end the apartheid in South Africa, you have shown that is possible to have racial equality. It’s a difficult process and a lot to be sacrificed, I understand it because in Malaysia also have problem of racial discrimination, especially from some politic parties.

18th July is not only your birthday, it’s now also Mandela’s Day, to recognize your devotion on peacefully fighting for freedom and social justice for all.

At here, I would like to dedicate a song (which was writen by a Hong Kong band – Beyond, dedicated to you) to express my appreciation for what you have done to show the World about racial equality: Beyond – Glorious Years. (光輝歲月)

Beyond Fans Gathering 2008

It’s been 1 years plus since last KL Beyond fans gathering. This time we had it again, because of the visit of Amelia and Vinny from Johore. At the same time we have guests from Penang too! 😀 This time we had 15 people in the gathering.

Co-incidently, the room assigned to us was same the same room we used  to had our crazy time1 year ago, room 4 in Neway Cheras Plaza. At this time… 99% of the songs selected were Beyond’s songs, others were songs of Paul, Steve, Wing and Taiji (with Beyond members together).
Songs selected

We had a good time.
All of us in the gathering

More photos coming soon… Good night… @_@
More photos

Beyond KL fans dinner + karaoke gathering

It’s been long time since last Beyond fans gathering at Oct 2005 when Beyond had their last concert over there, and I seldom attend to gatherings since I was a father. Finally we had a little gathering yesterday since our big sister Amelia able to come far from Johor Baru and Angie back from Singapore to join us. There were 10 of us joined the gathering, which the number was lesser than I thaught, due to sudden heavy rain and other reasons. However we still had our good crazy time.

We had light dinner and met up at Leisure Mall’s Wong Kok restaurant before we heading to Neway karaoke that just located at opposite. This is the first time I went to karaoke with 99% of songs we selected were Beyond’s songs in 4 hours.
Partial selected song

Since most of the songs are rock songs, we had lot’s of shouting, lot’s of head banging, lot’s of paparazzi photo snapping, little of moshing and some silly stunts too. It was like a little Beyond concert as we cheered and clapped along 😛
Crazy ppl... i respect u all

The ‘little Beyond concert’ was ended at 12am, when Meriam Yeung reminded us time was up and leave without leaving any valueable stuffs behind 😛 The gathering was continued with drinking session at mamak stall until 2am.

It was a real fun gathering that I’ve really missed for so long. Too bad Rachel’s grandmother was admitted to hospital and Rachel needed to take care of her, else the gahering would be more better 🙂


Beyond The Story Live 2005 in Singapore

Just went to Singapore to watch Beyond live in concert last weekend. Some said this will be the last concert since the concert in Malaysia is not confirmed yet. Beside watching Beyond, this can be considered as a short trip to Singapore.

I’ve arrived at the Pudu Raya with Ten, met Siew Ting and her friend Danny at morning. However Rachel was late, so Ten went to Singapore with Siew Ting and Danny first, and I left to wait Rachel. After having the breakfast with Rachel, we started our journey to Singapore. Bad  thing happened: the bus left us at Singapore check point, so we have to take bus to Kranchi MRT station and then continue our journey our hotel in China Town.

After short break in Keng Saik hotel, we went to Kallang KFC for Beyond fans gathering. It was a great gathering with fans from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.

Next is the main show, the concert. We walked from KFC to Singapore Indoor Stadium while some of fans singing Beyond songs. I was so afraid that my camera will be blocked by guard, but the guard was kind enough to let me bring in the camera with the advice ‘don use with flash’. Appreciated 🙂

The concert was awesome, it just like a big party, everybody stood since the concert started until end. All of us were so high, jumped, screamed, shouted and danced all the while. However seems like there were something happened among the band members, very less communication among them, and less interaction with fans too. The concert ended without encore just like what they did to other concerts in other places too.

After the concert we just back to hotel and rest. After all we’ve been travelling and walking all day.

The next day was the exploration around Singapore. We’ve planned to have our breakfast at China Town with local Chinese food. But the whole China Town was so quiet and not many shops opened for business. So we changed to Orchard road for our breakfast, and ended up we had our breakfast at a bench along Orchard with the food bought from 7-Eleven.

After filling up our stomach, it’s shopping time. The first and only shop we visited was HMV, the big music store (4 floors) at Orchard Road. Bought some CDs from there.

Merlion was our next stop, we went there for photography session, and helped others to take photos too 😉

The sky was getting darker, we walked to Raffles MRT station before it rains. However it didn’t, so we had our short rest at a little green field behind of the Raffles MRT station before heading to Lavendar station to get our bus at Golden Mile.

It’s another adventure to look for Golden Mile from Lavendar station. We had asked few people, passed by some shops under apartments, and finally came to the food court opposite Golden Mile where we had our last meal in Singapore.

The bus was quite old, but it’s still consider comfortable. The bus first reached Pasar Rakyat, where nobody gets down from bus (another failure project by our stupid government, built a bus terminal in a jungle with no other public transport), then only arrived Pudu Raya.  We had our dinner at Petaling Street KL where it’s our last event in this trip.

Overall it’s a tiring but happy trip, although there some unhappy incidents happened but luckly we still can overcame them.

Photos by ahfook: http://thiamfook.multiply.com/photos/album/1
Photos by Rachel: http://www.likuliku.com/2005/Oct/SG/index.html
Video: http://thiamfook.multiply.com/video

Shopping finally

Have been one month never post a blog… This month was so busy, finishing freelance projects, took MCP exam, company had system test before launching, KLCC fire drill…

And finally today have time to go wandering in Mid Valley and Sg Wang. Bought 2 valueable things that light up my day: Beyond The Story Live 2005 DVD and Feel 100% vol. 15.

The DVD has poster, postcards inside, and good packaging too.

The Feel 100% comic, a comic that I’ve read since more than 10 years ago, the author’s work no doubt is clean and nice, but the speed is too slow, alomost one volumn per year. This new volumn is not disappointed as usual, still full of phylosophy theories and funny ideas, plus beautiful art works too. It’s gonna be end at next volumn (should be pulbished in next year…) Strange feeling that a comic that accompany me passed thru secondary school life, college life and working life is going to end soon…P9250021_1 P9250026