New Era of Mumster

Mumster started to create new song since last night jamming. After jamming, there was a meeting among band member to discuss the future of Mumster, few important decisions had been made.


Luna Bar

Went to Luna Bar at Pan Global building last Friday to meet up an old friend, QiQi from Indonesia. She came to Malaysia for eye surgery. Before the surgery we had a gathering with her. I went with Alan and Evan, at the same day, we celebrated Evan’s cousin Judy’s birthday with her husband, and met my secondary school mate Cherry there too.

050617_lunabarLuna Bar indeed is a nice place to hangout, nice environment with spectacular scene make it a cool place to chat and chill. Hope to visit there again next time 🙂

Beautiful Junk

Came back from Penang yesterday, went to art event Beautiful Junk with Soundscape bands Nao, Citizen of Icecream and Mumster. It was a fun trip, ate a lot and walked a lot in Penang, so tiring. Show was good, met Uglymen from Penang, and a friend Kenny from Penang too. After leaving Penang stopped at Ipoh and tried Ipoh chicken rice and tau geh, taste very good.


Finally, I’ve handed up my resignation letter to the company that I’ve served for more than 2 years, and went to my future company and signed the offer letter. So from July I’m going start working at KLCC, in a multinational company based at Holland:

It’s an achievement in my career and a milestone in my life too. Hope this new job will bring in more new experiences to both my live and my career. 🙂

New hairstyle, new life

050606_newhair Last night, finally i’ve cut my hair that i’ve kept for long time, with new life, new direction, new vision, everything new 😀